Sparkling Water Company

This company is on the fast track due to an established network in place of quality retailers and partners that are demanding their product.
The company started in Q4 of 2017 and is already being reviewed by such large companies as Coca-Cola and Facebook for possible partnership opportunities.
This round of funding will be used for product production and sales/ marketing efforts. They are receiving orders, and in order to maintain their momentum, they need this funding.

This product is a well needed breath of fresh air to the sparkling water space. Their product hits on a target demographic that other brands have forgotten about, or not taken into account when distributing their product.

Unlike other brands in the sparkling water category, this company is

The company will utilize a cross marketing campaign to break into new markets throughout the U.S. These funds are going to fuel that campaign. The funds will also be used to restructure debt the company is currently having no issue servicing, but is paying a high amount for.

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The company is primed for growth, and is currently being distributed in Texas based grocers. They have established partnerships with major local tech companies for further distribution of their product, and are seeking to further cement this growth with expansion to other grocers across the state of Texas.




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